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Theatre Emissary 




Create platforms for artistic expressions among established and emerging artists through training and creative projects;


Bridge existing managerial knowledge gap between local artists and community-based art organizations, and mainstream artists;


Engage the arts for social justice and educational purpose locally and internationally;


Empower artists and culture industry through research and training; and,


Create opportunities for artistic collaboration locally and internationally.

Who We Are...
We are a cultural centre that utilizes arts to educate, conscientize and create positive social change in society. We perform stage productions and create community-based arts projects through participatory approaches. And we serve as a research hub for innovative and new thinking in the arts. 

Our Mission

To strengthen, nurture and promote professionalism, best ethical practices and artistic excellence for emerging and established artists through stage performance, community projects and research.

Our Vision

An innovative cultural Centre for nurturing and developing artists and artworks for social change.

What We Have Done


TEMi, through the activities of the team members, has participated in projects which include the International     Theatre Institute (ITI) World Congress, China; AKT-Zent & TECOM Acting Master Class- World Theatre Training Laboratory, China (2011), FITHEB, Benin Republic (2012), FITMO/FAB Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso  (2012),  RIAC,  Cote  D’Ivoire  (2012), performed at the 13th Al Bugaa International Theatre Festival Khartoum, Sudan (2013), Young Theatre Audience, Denmark (2013), International Visitor Leadership Program of the United States of America Exchange Program (2015), Theatre Emissary International on Stage at the 150th Anniversary of Shakespeares in Armenia (2016), Iranian Dramatic Arts Centre (DAC) International Symposium on Arts Management (2017), Co-directed Arts Residency in Croatia (2018), the UNESCO's International Theatre Institute's Network of Emerging Arts Professional's Festival of Arts (NEAPFEST) in Brazil (2018); directed stage reading of 54 Silhouette at the WorldPlay in Spark Festival produced by Belfry Theatre & Puente Theatre in Canada (2019); produced and performed at the Lagos Theatre Festival, Nigeria (2019).


Due to COVID-19, our scheduled performances at the 2020 WorldPlay of the Belfry Theatre's SPARK Festival (Canada); and at the 2020 Pan-African Creative Exchange (South Africa) are cancelled.

Need more details? Contact us

We are open to collaboration. Contact us by phone, email or on our social media channels.

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