Script Lab 2021

What is Script Lab?

Script Lab is envisioned as a mentoring program for emerging African playwrights. Through learning opportunities and knowledge-sharing processes, emerging African playwrights will learn from award-winning African playwrights.

Why Script Lab?

The need to create opportunities for hands-on experience and knowledge sharing with emerging African playwrights is obviously more than ever. For instance, many of the specialized playwriting programs in post-secondary schools on the continent are being converted to general theatre art programs. Also, the number of available programs with a focus on playwriting has reduced significantly and the available programs are not accessible to potential candidates/emerging playwrights interested in developing their writing skills due to cost, location and other forms of limitations. Furthermore, there are only a few mentoring initiatives in playwriting available in Africa. Although there are programs in the Global North that aim to mentor emerging playwrights with a focus on Africa, such programs can be very competitive and expensive. Finally, there is a generational gap in Africa—established playwrights are creating a vacuum that would require equipping emerging playwrights in order to fill. Thus, we have created Script Lab at Theatre Emissary International in partnership with Research Hub to guide and nurture budding African playwrights by established African playwrights. Script Lab 2021 will happen virtually at no cost to participants.

About Script Lab 2021

The maiden edition of Script Lab will involve selected 10 emerging African playwrights who will be mentored by 6 established African playwrights. The project will run between August 2021-February 2022 (depending on the availability of the mentors). We will facilitate virtual meetings for mentors to share their knowledge with the cohort on certain topics in playwriting in addition to providing guidance through feedback on drafts and one-on-one meetings (where needed).

Who can apply for Script Lab 2021?

Emerging African playwrights

How to apply

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Who are the Script Lab 2021 Mentors?

Find the details of our mentors here

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